Renato Venturini

Renato A. Venturini, PresidentRenato A. Venturini is an aviation expert in multiple areas of aircraft ownership and operations. He is uniquely qualified to provide expertise on maintenance and aircraft sales and charter. He owns, flies and maintains his own aircraft as well as overseeing the Tavaero Jet Charter Corporation fleet. He has been involved in commercial and private aviation for more than 35 years. From his start at Transtar Airlines to his position of President at Tavaero Jet Charter he has been involved in every facet of operations including but not limited to aircraft maintenance, operations, acquisition and sales.

His enthusiasm for this industry is only exceeded by his love of flying and maintaining his Cessna 182. He epitomizes the spirit of TEAMWORK at Tavaero Jet Charter. The Tavaero culture of teamwork and team spirit really does start at the top.

Marcela White, General Manager

Marcela White has been in the aircraft charter business for 30 years. Mr. Thomas A. Vaughn, a prominent attorney in Houston who loved aviation, owned Tavaero Jet Charter. Fortunately for Marcela and co-owner Renato Venturini, his kids did not share in that passion. Upon his demise Marcela and her husband ,Renato Venturini, purchased the company in 1999. At that time they had two Learjets. 17 years later, Tavaero Jet Charter now boasts 12 aircraft in its fleet. The aircraft size range from a capacity of 4 to 12 passengers. The fleet includes Challengers, Hawkers, Westwinds and Citation jets. Based at Houston’s Hobby Airport, Tavaero Jet Charter is today considered one of the biggest and more respected charter companies in Houston, boasting clientele ranging from prominent business leaders to politicians, and famous Hollywood personalities.