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We are a “turn-key” operation. Consider us your own private flight department. Our management services include a state of the art maintenance department qualified to work on your aircraft and track upcoming maintenance. Our mechanics go through a manufacturers school annually to stay abreast of all changes regarding your aircraft. We minimize downtime due to maintenance by working on the aircraft around your schedule. We have established accounts with major service companies and parts suppliers who treat us as preferred customers.

Our dispatchers continually train and attend relevant seminars to stay abreast of changes in the regulations that affect our industry. Their experience in quoting, crew scheduling, forecasting potential issues at airports and shopping for fuel are invaluable assets to assure we operate in an optimal economic environment.


Economic Benefits

  • Income from charters to assist with deferring or reducing the costs of ownership and private use.
  • Tax benefits of using your aircraft as revenue producing equipment such as reduced property tax liability and use tax waiver.
    (special conditions and requirements apply).
  • Sharing crew expenses with multiple crews trained on like equipment.
  • Sales tax benefits.
  • Competitive fuel shopping while away from aircraft base.


  • Top notch mechanics on call 24/7 to keep your aircraft flight-ready at all times.
  • Established relationships with all major suppliers to get necessary parts as quickly as possible at competitive industry pricing.
  • Rigorous maintenance procedures and records adhered to as set forth in aircraft specific Maintenance Manuals to assure your safety.
A C-5 Galaxy crewmember performs an engine check March 3 at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, after the aircraft arrived from an air base in Southwest Asia. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Kenny Holston)


  • All pilots Simuflite trained annually.
  • All pilots FAA certified for the specific aircraft they are flying.
  • All pilots are Flight Safety or CAE trained annually.